Social stigma associated with divorces in the middle class is fast disappearing…

6th Janyuary, 2010; Mumbai
Seeking a divorce from a troubled marriage is no more limited to the celebrities and the elite as increasing number of middle class people are also hitting the splitsville due to high stress level and more options available to find a second partner,say experts.
The latest reports of troubled marriage have hit Arun Nayar- Liz Hurley and Big Boss 4 participants Ali Merchant and Sara Ali.

Experts say divorce rate is at a high as the social stigma associated with it in middle class is fast disappearing.In the absence of joint families,people dont even know what family and marriage values are.They dont even get time to understand why are they getting married in first place, says Dr Kamal Khurana,a marriage and relationship therapist.

There is no concrete data available on the number of divorces taking place,but divorce lawyer Osama Suhail says it is in the range of 6,000 to 8,000 per year.

The role of women in the family is changing as they are doing jobs and matching steps with their husbands.They are being more assertive and in many cases,it leads to a divorce, says Suhail.

Divorce rate is as low as 1.1 per cent in India as compared to 50 per cent in USA but the cases are on rise in metros than the rural areas.The family fabric is intact in villages as we have joint families.But in metros,couples suffer from the consumer mentality.They see marriage as just another service and they want to change it if its not working properly, says Khurana.

The reason for rise in divorce cases in metros than the other cities is also because people are more career oriented and materialistic here and as a result,they have no time for family.Suhail has an interesting reason behind it.Victims can get more maintenance here,as compared to other parts of India as salary packages are higher.In one of my recent cases,a woman got one lakh as maintenance per month after divorce, he says.PTI

People are treating marriage with a consumer mentality;if its not working they opt for a change