Divorce Lawyers is India’s First Exclusive Divorce Law Firm founded exclusively to deal with cases related to Divorce in India and also for NRI divorce. Divorce Lawyers was established about twenty years ago. It started with a mission to provide quality services in matters related to Divorce, Maintenance, Child Custody, and all allied issues. Divorce lawyers principal office is situated in New Delhi while services relating to Divorce Laws are extended across length and breadth of the Country.

In this journey of a couple of decades, we have dealt with several thousand divorce cases across India and Globally. Our NRI Divorce services are considered the best and incomparable.

We provide a host of legal services which is comprehensive and cater all needs and requirements in the sphere of Family and Divorce Law. We have not only fought cases and represented our clients across boundaries and States but also helped in the development and growth of the Divorce Laws in India.

Our consultation services address your individual issues from your lens. This approach enables us to provide a solution that meets your requirement and we find your own unique solution.

Divorce Lawyers have been providing services across borders. We have contested and pursued cases of NRI divorce on issues of conflict of law. We have been regularly pursuing cases in the jurisdiction of USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Singapore.

NRI Divorce Lawyers Service

Above list is only an indicator of the vast services that we regularly offer. We also go beyond these classifications to provide all other types of advisory, support and guidance related to divorce laws. We are top divorce lawyers not only because we know all the dimensions of Divorce Laws but also we understand our clients and their need.

You can reach us at +91-9318323833, +91-9717044477 or just drop in your query or concern at query@divorcelawyers.co.in.


Let there be complete awareness of divorce laws of India !!!

We have covered almost all important topics pertaining to matrimonial relationship and different type of litigation that may ensue. We have made sincere attempts to bring entire matrimonial law in simple, concise and easy manner for clear understanding. Articles are also written for easy understanding of the subject. Informed decision is important in personal matters.


Superior legal services which reduces your pain in emotionally challenging times of matrimonial cases. Let there be complete awareness through transparent mechanism.

Divorce Lawyers with over 20 years of

standing and thousands of rightly resolved matters.



If not the worst, divorce is definitely one of the worst phases of a person’s life. Especially when you come from a conservative, middle class family, divorce is seen as worse than death. In such trying circumstances what one really wishes for is a good lawyer at hand. DL have been my guide throughout this ordeal. They are trustworthy and very open to talk to. In such times when one is cornered and very vulnerable, a trustworthy, honest helping hand is godsend. While going through my divorce. Managing partner is a very ethical lawyer, he puts things plainly without mincing words. The court proceedings went very smoothly with his help. I was very much worried about the judicial technicalities and I must have mailed him umpteen number of times and thankfully almost always received a reply. In nutshell, they are good, trustworthy, ethically sound people. I am sure they are going to help a lot many people with their acumen and good nature.

By Arpana

“I was going through one of the most difficult phase of my life. Divorce Lawyers helped me in overcoming situation with counseling and provided effective solution.”

By Ankita

“They are personal to pain and professional to approach. I was impressed with their services. Strongly recommended.”

By Souparna

Simply fantastic!!! Couldn’t believe that i ll be advised to work to save marriage and making attempts to save marriage. I did that and trust me, my marriage is rocking!!! Wrong advise could have cost my partner……Keep up good work Guys!!!

By Rakhshit

“Before I interacted with Divorce Lawyers, I was of the opinion that lawyers would never stop a client from pointless litigation. I was wrong. My counsel was of the opinion that I go in for a court-settlement as early as possible ! I wish I needed his advice sooner and after close to around two years of pointless litigation, I eventually had to go in for a settlement after all.Divorce Lawyers had supported me and my family in every step of the divorce process and litigation. Divorce Lawyers has a personal touch in their interactions with their clients which makes the drudgery of appearing in courts and litigation bearable. I wish them the very best and would refer them wholehearteDivorce Lawyersy to others who need legal support…”

By Sudip Bhattacharya

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