Divorce Lawyers is India’s First Exclusive Divorce Law Firm founded exclusively to deal with cases related to Divorce in India and also for NRI divorce. Divorce Lawyers was established about twenty years ago. It started with a mission to provide quality services in matters related to Divorce, Maintenance, Child Custody, and all allied issues. Divorce lawyers principal office is situated in New Delhi while services relating to Divorce Laws are extended across length and breadth of the Country.

In this journey of a couple of decades, we have dealt with several thousand divorce cases across India and Globally. Our NRI Divorce services are considered the best and incomparable.

We provide a host of legal services which is comprehensive and cater all needs and requirements in the sphere of Family and Divorce Law. We have not only fought cases and represented our clients across boundaries and States but also helped in the development and growth of the Divorce Laws in India.

Our consultation services address your individual issues from your lens. This approach enables us to provide a solution that meets your requirement and we find your own unique solution.

Divorce Lawyers have been providing services across borders. We have contested and pursued cases of NRI divorce on issues of conflict of law. We have been regularly pursuing cases in the jurisdiction of USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Singapore.

Services by Divorce Lawyers:

NRI Divorce Lawyers Service

Above list is only an indicator of the vast services that we regularly offer. We also go beyond these classifications to provide all other types of advisory, support and guidance related to divorce laws. We are top divorce lawyers not only because we know all the dimensions of Divorce Laws but also we understand our clients and their need.

You can reach us at +91-9015170171, +91-9717044477 or just drop in your query or concern at query@divorcelawyers.co.in.

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