NRI Legal Services

We provide complete and conclusive support to the NRI Divorce and NRI Legal Services. Non Resident Indians (NRI), Indian settled abroad or on work permit who are involved in matrimonial crisis often faces the complex situation of divorce, annulment and child custody and consequent legal proceedings.

They have the option of filing divorce cases in India. But, the biggest problem they face is direct interaction with his/her prospective Divorce Attorney to understand the complex issues of trans-border divorce cases and NRI Divorce Laws, etc. We at Divorce Lawyers have expertise NRI Divorce and NRI legal services. We understand that time is of the essence and attending a Court hearing is expensive as well as time-consuming. We offer our specialized and exclusive services and represent the client before the Court. We know the art of trade to keep the attendance of clients in Court to a minimum of one or two during the entire duration of a contested divorce case. We have achieved the unique distinction of getting the Divorce by Mutual Consent via the power of attorney and video-conferencing which ensure that you even do need to be present in the Court.

We provide complete and regular updates to clients about the development of divorce, annulment, child custody cases. We are just a call or e-mail away. Our time structure is also tailor-made to address the issues of NRI Divorce Legal Services. We have achieved commendable success in NRI’s Divorce and allied matter by adopting the practical and lateral approach in the resolution of a dispute.

As of date, we have extensively covered various foreign jurisdictions. We worked closely with the aspect of foreign Divorce.  We are fully in sync with the laws of divorce of the United States of America(USA), Germany, Australia, Canada, UAE, Singapore, United Kingdom( UK), and all major countries.

We also have achieved a unique distinction of fighting in the jurisdiction of the foreign Country and contest the jurisdiction of those foreign courts. Foreign Court has recognized it does not have jurisdiction. One of the matters is widely reported in Australian Law Journals.

Our hands-on approach always helps us aligned best with our clients to foster a relationship that goes beyond the usual Advocate and client relationship. We understand the sensitivity and compassion involved in the cases.