Snoops now investigate online infidelity

  Raj Kumar Sharma New Delhi, Dec 19 This is something detectives of the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Byomkesh Bakshi could never come across but with the phenomenon of the Internet, modern sleuths are increasingly investigating a number of "online infidelity" cases in the country. Gone are the days when one had to leave the home to find a [...]

The Economic Times

Inappropriate messages on social sites could get you arrested, fired, or even divorced. 3rd February, 2010 NEW DELHI: Imagine being thrown into jail for an innocuous Tweet. Or being sacked by your employer for an innocent status message. Worse, your wife files for divorce based on on what you put up on Facebook! Social networking may be gaining traction across [...]

The Hindu – Not In her Care Anymore

Inappropriate messages on social sites could get you arrested, fired, or even divorced. 3rd February, 2010 Source: The Hindu (2006/03/17) NOT IN HER CARE ANYMORE Tripat Kaur There are some women who willingly give up custodial rights over their children during divorce proceedings. On custodial rights, the law favours women. There was a time when it was unthinkable for a [...]

A New Indian Travel Fad – Divorce Tourism

TIME Man facing criminal cases gets daughter’s custody Perhaps it's a case of life imitating bad art. In this year's mirthless Hollywood comedy Couples Retreat: Return to Eden, eight Americans attempt to recharge their foundering marriages by undergoing counseling on a tropical island. At about the same time the movie was disappointing U.S. audiences, a handful of Indian travel agents [...]

Land Mark Case Won By Us

TIMES OF INDIA Man facing criminal cases gets daughter’s custody Smriti Singh, TNN, Jan 30, 2010, NEW DELHI: Is a man accused of "attempt to murder'' fit to raise a child? Well, a trial court seems to think so. Taking an unconventional stand while awarding the custody of a six-and-a-half-year-old child to her father, who has three criminal cases pending [...]

Business And Economy

For judges, with love Justice Ram sacked! Justice Sham cashiered! Newspapers might be filled with many such stories if the Parliament approves the Judges (Inquiry) Bill. The bill is likely to be tabled in the ensuing winter session of the Parliament, beginning November. A bold move aimed at cleansing the deep-rooted malaise afflicting the judicial system and making the judges [...]

Live Mint :: Thinking divorce? Think vacation instead

In India, only one in 100 marriages fail, compared with one in two in the US. Mumbai: Marriage hit the rocks? Considering a divorce? An Indian tour operator wants warring couples to hold off consulting lawyers and go on holiday instead—with a relationship counsellor in tow. Mumbai-based KV Tours and Travels has launched divorce tourism packages, designed to get spouses [...]

Divorce Lawyers In Washington Post

In Tradition-Bound India, Female, Divorced and Happy By Emily Wax Washington Post Foreign Service Friday, September 19, 2008 KOLKATA, India -- In India, a divorce is slowly becoming a girl's best friend. Across the country's teeming urban centers, petitions for divorce are rising and so are the numbers of headlines and blog entries about how the trend could be the [...]

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